Cleaning Soft Contact Lenses

Caring for your contact lensesThere have been many advances in the world of contact lenses over the past few years. Every few weeks it seems as if another new lens type has been developed and this is good news. And it's not just the lenses themselves that are being improved upon; cleaning solutions too are constantly being improved. 

But no matter how good the lenses are, or how good the cleaning solution is, it is still up to YOU to make sure you are taking proper care of your lenses. Unless you wear disposable daily lenses, then without proper care, your lenses will start to feel uncomfortable. Without proper care, you put your eyes at risk of infection. So here's a guide to help you to get the most out of your lenses and keep them feeling comfortable and keep your eyes safe from infection.

Cleaning Solutions - One Can Be Enough

In the early days of contact lens care we needed multiple solutions: one for disinfecting, one for rinsing and one for moisturising. Now, though, thankfully, for most types of contact lens a multi-purpose disinfection solution is enough. It performs all three tasks, thus saving you time and money. It is, however, no use if you don't use it properly.

How to Clean Your Soft Contact Lenses with Multi-Purpose Solution

Here are some general guidelines on how to keep your lenses clean and protect your eyes from infection. However, you should always follow any particular guidelines given to you by your optician or any printed on your multi-purpose cleaning solution.

Finally, make sure your multi-purpose disinfecting solution is in date! Most have a shelf life of around three months from opening. Also check with your optician that you can use a multi-use solution with your particular type of contact lens.

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