Private Health Insurance and Contact Lenses

If you either have private health insurance or are considering taking out a policy then it is worth having a basic knowledge about what is or is not covered and the types of policy available as well as how the system works in general. Contact lenses may be covered by your health insurance policy but this will depend on the type of policy and level of cover you are paying for.

Two Basic Types of Policy

There are basically two broad types of private health insurance: hospital policies and general treatment policies, which are sometimes referred to as ancillary or extras. As is evident from the name, a hospital policy will cover treatment received in a hospital and again there are many levels of cover, so the services and expenses you can claim for will depend on what level of cover you have. The second type of policy, general treatment, covers extras such as dental and optical treatment. Some health funds will also offer a combined policy as well.

Australian Government Rebate

If you take out private health insurance, which is a policy encouraged by the government, you are entitled to a 30% government rebate on the costs of your insurance. There were some changes to this in July 2012 and this rebate now in part depends among other things on your earnings. To find out more about the rebate, there is a useful Government website on this at the following website:

Insurance and Buying Contact Lenses Online: How it Works

In order to claim for your contact lenses, you must have optical treatment included in your insurance policy. Check with your insurer if you are not sure. If you do have coverage, your insurer will reimburse you an amount towards the cost of the service you pay for, which in this case would be your contact lenses. First, you order your lenses online and pay the bill and then claim back the amount you are entitled to. All medical services have an item number and this will appear on your bill and you will need to use that number when claiming your rebate. The amount you receive will depend on the level of insurance cover you have. For example, if you have a level of insurance of $300 for optical cover and your lenses cost $40, then you can claim that amount each time over the year until your reach your $300 limit, after which you will not be reimbursed.

Compare Prices of Contact Lenses and Health Insurance

If you do not have private health insurance then it can pay to compare prices and different policies. One popular health insurance price comparison website is iSelect. But don’t forget to compare contact lens prices too using our price comparison, since you can save a considerable amount of money by checking out what deals are on offer by several online lens retailers.

See all prices of lenses here:
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