How Do Contact Lenses Feel in the Eye?

How Do Contact Lenses FeelOne of the biggest worries facing people new to contact lenses is this: what will they feel like in my eyes?  We all have a natural tendency to avoid putting things into our eyes for one simple reason; it hurts.  So, naturally, we are concerned that contact lenses might, if not hurt as such, at least feel very uncomfortable

The fact is that at first, it will feel very strange to wear contacts.  Not painful, not uncomfortable, just different. 

Some people describe it as feeling as if you have extra tears in your eyes; it feels odd but not uncomfortable.  If it actually hurts your eyes, then it has been incorrectly inserted, so remove it, clean it and re-insert it into the eye.

The first time a contact lens is inserted it can make you vision a bit blurred for a few seconds.  This is the lens settling onto the correct part of your eye.  The blurriness soon passes.  Others find that their eyes become very dry when they first insert their lenses.  If this happens to you, inform your optometrist and ask them to show you how to use rewetting drops. 

Others find that their eyes water a lot when they first insert contact lenses.  Do not panic, this doesn't continue.  Just use a clean dry tissue to blot away the extra moisture.  The watering soon stops.

Never leave your optometrist's office until you know how to correctly insert, remove and clean your lenses.  Practice a few times at the optometrist's clinic before you go home.

Whilst your eyes will quickly become accustomed to the contact lenses, help your eyes by only wearing your lenses for up to four hours a day for the first few days. 

After a few days you will find that you can wear the lenses all day and not even notice you are wearing them, apart from the fact that you can now clearly see what you are doing without your glasses.

If after this initial period, however, your eyes start to hurt, go to see your optometrist as this could be an early sign that you are developing an eye infection.  A general rule to remember is that contact lenses should never hurt; if they do, something is wrong and you need to see an optometrist.

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