Contact Lens Articles

Choosing Lenses

How to Choose Contact Lenses
Contacts and Children: What Age Is Too Young?
Teens and Contact Lenses
Are Continuous Wear Contact Lenses Suitable for You?
What is the Difference between an Optometrist, Ophthalmologist or Optical Dispenser?

Wear Your Contact Lenses Safely

UV Protection with Contact Lenses
Detecting and Removing Torn Contact Lenses
10 Rules to Keep Your Contacts and Eyes Healthy
Strategies to Prevent Dry Eyes
Make Contact Lenses Last Longer
Using Contact Lenses in Sea, Sauna, Swimming Pool

More Options

Using RGP Lenses to Control Teenager Myopia
Comparison of Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) and Contact Lenses
Wearing contacts after Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK)
Using Contact Lenses to Cure Lazy Eye Syndrome
Contact Lenses for Your Pets

Google invents smart contact lenses for monitoring blood sugar levels

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