My Contact Lens is Stuck Behind My Eye!

Eye illustrationNo it isn't. It might feel like it is, but it really isn't behind your eye. How do we know? Because it CAN'T get behind your eye. At the back of your eye are muscles known as the rectus muscles. Your lens cannot get past these to get to the back of your eye. So don't panic. The lens isn't loose in your head.

What can happen is that lenses can get stuck under your upper eyelid. Normally, they come loose again within a few hours or sometimes a few days. They won't cause you any harm there (well, not if you've been cleaning them properly,) but they can be uncomfortable.

If it is very uncomfortable or your eyes start to go red, go and see your optician and they will remove it.

Otherwise, there is no real need to seek medical help. It will come out eventually, but if you want to help it on its way, there are some things you can do to remove the contact from your lid.

Removing the Lens from Your Eye Lid:

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