Taking Your Contacts into the Outback - Or Going Camping With Contact Lenses

Going Camping With Contact LensesCamping is a great many things, but clean isn't one of them. So how do you look after your contact lenses when it isn't likely that you're going to be anywhere near any nice, hot running water? Can you, in fact, go camping with contact lenses?

Yes, you can, but you need to be prepared.

Take Your Own Cleaning Kit

If you are wearing lenses that you need to remove daily and clean, then obviously you need to take along your cleaning kit, but you also need to take along a means of getting your hands clean and sterile too.

Make sure you have some soap and some clean, filtered water with you so you can wash your hands. Take some paper towels or tissues to dry your hands on as these will be a lot cleaner than your camping towel. If you don't have room for soap and extra water, use some sterile cleaning wipes to wash your hands with before you touch your lenses.

As for your contact lens cleaning solution, ideally a multi-purpose cleaning solution would be best.  If possible, decant into a smaller sterile bottle so that it takes up less of your precious camping space.

Take Different Lenses

Another option for those who really don't fancy trying to clean their lenses in the great outdoors is to take along a different type of contact lens.  

Continuous Wear Contact lenses can be worn, continuously, day and night, for periods of up to thirty days meaning you don't have to touch your eyes or lenses at all throughout the duration of your camping trip.

If these aren't suitable for you, how about disposable daily lenses. You need to clean your hands to insert and remove them, but at least you don't have to carry cleaning solution with you. 

Talk to Your Optometrist

If you are planning a camping trip and aren't sure whether either of these lenses are suitable for you, talk to your optometrist. He or she can also advise on suitable cleaning solutions to take and on ways to keep your hands and eyes clean and safe throughout your holiday.

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