Can I wear Coloured Lenses after Lasik Eye Surgery?

Lasik surgery and contact lensesIf you've recently undergone Lasik or Lasek eye surgery then you might be wondering if you can ever wear coloured contact lenses again. After all, although you are now free from having to wear contacts on a daily basis, you might want to wear cosmetic lenses now and then. Coloured contact lenses are especially popular at certain times of the year, such as Halloween, and since they also come without vision correction many people would still like to wear them even after eye surgery.

The good news is that six months after Laser Eye Surgery, you can, in most cases, wear coloured or cosmetic contact lenses. You will, however, need to see your optometrist before purchasing any coloured lenses as the shape of your eyes will have changed due to the surgery. Your optometrist will need to fully examine your eyes to determine the correct lens for your eyes and to ensure that your eye has fully healed.

This is very important because the shape of everyone’s eyes is different and if you wear the incorrect lens you run the risk of damaging or scratching the cornea, which could lead to serious problems. There is a popular misconception that when it comes to cosmetic and coloured contact lenses that ‘one size fits all’ and this simply is not true, so don’t take any risks.

For some people who have undergone laser eye surgery soft contact lenses may not be an option in which case there are only two types of contact lens that are suitable: Custom Gas Permeable and Hybrid Contact Lenses. Your optometrist will be able to advise you of the appropriate brands of coloured lenses that you can wear.

Finally, do remember to clean these lenses as you used to clean your normal lenses. Buy an appropriate cleaning solution and a contact lens case. Clean them carefully before inserting the and after removing them. Store them in a clean, contact lens case and replace the case and the cleaning solution every three months.

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